The mental aspects of Lyme disease are complicated and extremely difficult to diagnose, treat and live with. Perhaps no one tells the story better than those who struggle with these issues regularly.


Here I am now, with my grandson Abram, in bed as usual. I am approaching the 5 year anniversary of my Lyme crash, and having shared my medical history with several expert Lyme specialists (MDs) my diagnosis has extended to Babesia, (instigating the major crash) with Bartonella and Lyme in my body for most – if not all – of my life.

May is Lyme Disease Awareness month and we need your help spreading awareness.

Childhood trauma is one of the biggest problems experienced by children and teens, which is often hidden in plain sight. Sadly, childhood trauma can go untreated and result in unhealthy choices and a self-destructive path as children enter adolescence and young adulthood. However, there are steps that parents can actively take in helping their teens to heal from their experience and develop the resilience to lead healthy lives.

This article is divided into three sections. Overview of Verbal Abuse: An insight into what is verbal abuse and its significance. Short Term Effects: Notable Behaviour and performance traits observed shortly after verbal abuse. Long Term Effects: The personality which is created as an adult by a person who has suffered verbal abuse and the reasons behind the theory.

While it can be hard to prevent child abuse and neglect, knowing the warning signs can help you put an end to these horrible wrongs much quicker. When it is caught early on, the victim is more likely to make a healthy recovery.

Child abuse is an unfortunate reality in our society. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that over 10 of every 1000 children are victims of maltreatment in the form of abuse or neglect at some point in their lives.

Child abuse could either be physical, mental or sexual abuse to children. This might have certain adverse effects on the child so they must be given extra support and attention.

Perhaps the most important part of Child Abuse Prevention Awareness is knowing what, exactly, is deemed to be child abuse. Every ten seconds, another case of child abuse is reported to authorities. The number of children undergoing abuse is staggering, and frightening. But how to best prevent these abuses is a question with a multi-fold […]