The truth for many survivors of child abuse is that, “getting over it” isn’t simply a matter of trying to let go of the memory. For many, the long-term effects of child abuse are both ongoing psychological and physical ailments that can plague them throughout their adult lives.


Child abuse often stirs images of beatings, bruises, or severe malnourishment and neglect. These signs are only the tip of the iceburg as child abuse and neglect can take many forms and does not discriminate based on socio-economic status, race, geograpic location or gender.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, it is a time to increase alertness, awareness and knowledge about child abuse and neglect. I will share with you in a minute where you can obtain a very comprehensive educational package to help educate not only parent but also caregiver and mandated reporters.

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Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Barack Obama, Emma Watson, Christina Aguilera, and J.K Rowling. What do these people have in common?

Are you stressfully caught up in the world or wisely above it all? Stress indicates a lack of understanding of how your mind works. It indicates an incorrect relationship with whatever you’re thinking, feeling, sensing or doing.