10 Lyme Blogs to Read In May

May is, as you know by now (I hope) Lyme Disease Awareness & Education Month.

The mental aspects of Lyme disease are complicated and extremely difficult to diagnose, treat and live with. Perhaps no one tells the story better than those who struggle with these issues regularly.

This week, here are 10 Lyme Blogs to read and follow.

  1. https://www.lymedisease.org/touchedbylym-terrific-reporting/ – Prominent Attorney and Lyme Warrior David Michael Conner shares about Lyme
  2. Abounding In Hope With Lyme
  3. Jenna’s Lyme Blog
  4. The Lyme Life
  5. Mind, Body, Lyme
  6. The Lady of Lyme
  7. Lymeology
  8. Lymeroad
  9. Lyme Ninja Radio – A podcast about Lyme
  10. Will There Be Cake?



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