The Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect You Should Know

By N. Usher

While it can be hard to prevent child abuse and neglect, knowing the warning signs can help you put an end to these horrible wrongs much quicker. When it is caught early on, the victim is more likely to make a healthy recovery. Unfortunately, not all cases of neglect and child abuse can be noticed simply by looking at a child. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance you become familiar with the warning signs shared below.

Children who are abused emotionally might show the following symptoms. They may appear afraid of people for no real reason. Some of them may worry about extremely small things. In addition, they may seem withdrawn and not interact with others.

While other children may appear too aggressive and demanding, some young victims of emotional abuse may behave in a manner which is more appropriate for someone of a younger age. For instance, an eleven-year-old child might suck his thumb or fall on the floor kicking and screaming when denied something.

It is easier to recognize children who have been physically abused. On their bodies, they may have cuts, bruises, or welts with unexplained causes. Sometimes patterns of belts or hands can be seen in their injuries. Many kids who are physically abused are constantly on the lookout for danger.

Since they are so scared and waiting for the next assault, they tend to avoid physical intimacy and flinch whenever there are startled by movement. The young person who is being abused will not want to go home, yet he or she will be too afraid to tell you why they feel this way. This individual may also wear long sleeves year round to make sure no one sees the bruises or scars.

Frequently, sexually abused children often appear to have difficulty sitting or walking. Even at young ages, they may have an inappropriate knowledge of activities relating to sex. The child who has been abused may also be hesitant to change clothes unless he or she is alone. A number of children who endure this type of abuse display a great deal of fear when a certain person’s name is mentioned.

While it is not always easy to spot children who are neglected, sometimes it is apparent. These kids often wear clothes which are either dirty, unsuitable for the weather, or too big or too small. Many of them exhibit bad hygiene and may possibly have illnesses or injuries for which they never seem to receive treatment. Neglected children also have attendance issues at school.

Child abuse and neglect are very serious issues. In fact, when these two issues are either ignored or undetected, children can be scarred for life and in many cases, killed. Be aware of the signs and protect your children and those who could be your children as well.

N. Usher is a former teacher, writer, and mother. She is the author of the Kindle Ebook Do Cows Cry – Part 1, a story which describes the life of a teenager who is fighting to leave a life of abuse behind.


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